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My Services

My skills go far beyond simply personal training! I run tons of group glasses, as well as providing nutritional advice and guidance based on your goals.

One-on-one training

If you are in the Scranton area, I will work one-on-one with you to meet your needs! While I work out of the Dunder Mifflin Gym at 1725 Slough Avenue Scranton, PA, I can also work with you at your gym or home! When you work with me you get:

  • 3 training sessions per week
  • A personalized plan based on your own goals
  • Adjustments as needed to stay on track
  • Customized meal plans
  • Unlimited calls, text, and email with me

Use the contact form below to learn more or get started!

Group training

At the Dunder Mifflin Gym in Scranton, I run many group classes throughout the week! The schedule is always changing, but you can stay up to date on my Facebook Page.

Classes I am currently running:

  1. Saturday Morning Boot Camp
  2. Hiphop Cardio
  3. Monday Ab Circuits
  4. “Tough Mudder” Training


If you’re not currently training with me, I still offer nutrition plans! This includes:

  • Comprehension meal plan based on your goals & food preferences
  • PDF guide for eating out at restaurants and grocery shopping while staying on track
  • Breakdown of common terms, along with top tips and FAQs so you are never confused!

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Online Coaching

Signup for personal training with me. One on one. 1 day per week, 5 days, whatever! Cost is $400 per month.

1 day per week, 5 days, whatever!

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