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Like so many athletes of the modern age, Craig Capurso reached a point in his life when he could no longer play the sport of his youth. Craig was a football player. Now he is a fitness model, competing in the Physique Division of the IFBB.

The sport switch coincided with a training switch. No longer is he consumed by “Bigger, Faster, Stronger,” but instead he pursues fitness like a Brahma bull.

“I adapted a new style of heavy volume,” Capurso said. “It’s not so much bodybuilder-style, but more fitness-style. I’m doing little rest. I’m trying to push as much weight as I can, but I’ll go into the gym randomly and be like, ‘I’m doing 100 reps of this exercise.’ How I get there, I don’t even know.”

No 2-week stretch is safe from Craig’s variable manipulation. It’s 100 reps followed by superset followed by a day working the trade floor at the NYMEX.

“It’s about being spontaneous, and it’s about agility,” Capurso said. “I’m always exerting my body as much as I can. I’ll worry about the next set when I have to worry about the next set.”